5 Floriculture-Focused Stories

13-01-2020    11:43   |    Greenhouse Grower

Growers who are able to stay on top of evolving trends in variety development can stand out from their competitors. Here are five crop-focused stories that resonated with our audience in 2019.

Why We Absolutely Need New Plants

Allan Armitage explains why new plants are critical to the success of the horticulture market.

Ways to Keep Your Customers Happy with Houseplants

While houseplants are trendy overall, especially tropicals, there are some strong sub-trends you can capitalize on.

Better Perennial Plants Are on the Horizon

Expect the perennials category to change significantly as breeders leverage new technologies to breed plants that capture consumers’ attention.

Dümmen Orange Expands Basewell to Include Perennials

Basewell young plants are propagated off-shore and feature advanced root development without growing media.

Plantpeddler to Offer Hort Couture Vegetative Annual Genetics Liners

Hort Couture has announced that Plantpeddler, a young plant producer in Cresco, IA, will now offer liners of Hort Couture vegetative annual genetics for the 2019-2020 season.

Source and photo courtesy of Greenhouse Grower

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