Cultilene developing cooperation in agriculture

09-01-2020    20:55   |    Uz Daily

Uzbekistan-Ambassador of Uzbekistan to the Benelux countries, Dilyor Khakimov, met with the director of the Erez Trust Management G. Blik, Dunyo reported.

During the meeting, issues related to the implementation of an investment project in Chust district of Namangan region were discussed, within the framework of which an enterprise for the production of basalt heat-insulating materials will be erected in conjunction with the domestic manufacturer LLC Eco Basalt.

In December 2019, representatives of an Uzbek company visited the Netherlands to get acquainted with the activities of Dutch partners and to discuss the project in detail. In particular, negotiations were held with the management of Erez Trust Management, Cultilene and FMO Bank, who expressed their willingness to participate in this project. They discussed technological solutions for the use of basalt fiber for the production of various composite materials, as well as attracting foreign direct investment and loans.

Cultilene also showed interest in developing cooperation in agriculture, in particular, the construction of modern greenhouses based on hydroponics. It is worth noting that Cultilene is part of the Saint-Gobain construction group (France) and is a world leader in the production and sale of hydroponic mineral stone wool.

Cultilene is a provider of innovative solutions to optimize water management and energy consumption, increase productivity by saving fertilizer, water and energy.

The Dutch side said that it is interested in establishing cooperation with Eco Basalt LLC on the issue of establishing stone wool production using basalt fiber, which is planned to be produced in Namangan region.

Following the meeting with the head of Erez Trust Management, an agreement was reached on continuing cooperation in the implementation of the project to create a plant specializing in basalt processing in Namangan region.

Source and photo courtesy of Uz Daily

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