VIDEO: ‘Little Joe’ Flower Dispensing Joy

05-12-2019    17:49   |    The New York Times

Jessica Hausner’s new sci-fi film about a flower engineered to release a potent antidepressant evokes “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

In a spotless laboratory-cum-greenhouse, dozens of blazing red plants thrive under the attentive eyes of a few folks in pale blue coats. The plants are flowers, but they don’t have petals; from their stems bloom long, undulating, spear-like tendrils. The flower’s developer, Alice, explains to her colleagues at Plantworks — a company preparing new products for an upcoming market fair — that this special plant needs special care. One must not just water it, but talk to it. In return, its pollen will release a potent antidepressant. The flower will literally make you happy.

Alice, played with vivid restraint by Emily Beecham (her performance earned her the best actress award at Cannes this year), brings a flower to her son, Joe (Kit Connor), after whom she’s named the plant. In a purple-lit room in their home, they look at Little Joe with awe. But Alice doesn’t quite know how to deal with her son when the plant’s happiness-dispensing starts to change him.


Click here to watch the short video.

Source: The New York Times

Photo Credit: Magnolia Pictures, NY Times

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