Greenhouse Center Will Rise in the Swamp!

04-12-2019    13:14   |    Goedemorgen

TURKEY/IZMIR-The swamp and reeds area in Dikili is designated as "Specialized Greenhouse Organized Industrial Zone". This project will be Turkey's largest modern greenhouse vegetable production center in “covered fresh vegetable growing” field.

Dikili district, one of the important tourism centers of İzmir, will also have a critical importance in the agricultural field. With the support of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, in Ismetpasha, 3 thousand acres of reeds and marsh areas, far from the housing districts, were determined as “Specialized Greenhouse Organized Industrial Zone”. Greenhouse and geothermal heating will be provided through out ​​2,000 square meters of the area which is already benefiting from the hot water springs. In the region, plants will be established for the industrial activities such as processing and storage of fresh vegetables and fruits to be produced in greenhouses. After the completion of the project, Dikili will be the biggest modern greenhouse center of Turkey in “covered fresh vegetable growing”


One of the partners of the project, Bergama Chamber of Commerce President Fikret Ürper, said: "The project was supported by the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli. There will be greenhouse activity on a 3-thousand-hectare land. And the amount of superstructure investment is approximately 1 billion TL .The production of 80 thousand tons of tomatoes is foreseen annually . According to this figures, an expected input can be calculated as millions of dollars especially if we consider the fact that most of the products will be exported. The companies will be able to diversify the products according to the demand from abroad markets.”


İzmir Commodity Exchange Chairman Işınsu Kestelli stated that they support the project. Saying “As businesses and non-governmental organizations in İzmir I can say that this is a pleasing development for us to see the actualization of the little steps taken with a common mind. In the direction of the agricultural export target of USD, I believe that this investment will have a big share. In Dikili Greenhouse Specialized Organized Industrial Zone we are now in operation. In addition to contributing to the agricultural sector with an annual production of 80 thousand tons of fresh fruit and vegetables, it will provide employment for 3 thousand 500 people.

I would like to express my gratitude to our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and to our Minister Mr. Bekir Pakdemirli for their support. For Turkey to achieve its target it is required to scale-up its agricultural production and to establish a system in its agricultural trade. I believe that the Agricultural OIZs and Product Specialized Exchange will make a great contribution in this sense."

The partners of the project and the Specialized Sera Organized Industrial Zone enterprising committee based on Dikili Agriculture consist of İzmir Chamber of Commerce, Aegean Region Chamber of Industry, İzmir Commodity Exchange, Aegean Exporters' Associations, Bergama Chamber of Commerce, İzmir Governorship Investment Monitoring and Coordination Department and Dikili Municipality.


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