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04-12-2019    13:10   |    AgroNews

CHINA-Recently, Zhejiang Sega Science and Technology launched the new product, Sega Yibao, an Arbuscular Mycorrhiza conditioner. The product can be used for a large variety of crops and horticultural plants, which will help Chinese farmers to solve the soil problems caused by the massiveuse of chemical fertilizers as well as to contribute to reduced use of pesticides.

According to Dr. Ewald Sieverding, a crop cultivation management doctor at University of Gottingen of Germany and the technical consultant of Sega Science and Technology, Sega Yibao is a beneficial fungus originated from nature building up a symbiotic relationship in nature and botany, which can improve soil flora ecology. The product has the following four distinctive functions:

 (1)Promotion of root and seedlings, prevention of desertization, being widely used in northwest China.

(2)Inhibition of pathogenic bacteria, resistant to soil borne diseases and nematodes such as watermelon wilt, marigold root rot and cucumber root knot nematode.

(3)Resistance to stress and drought, promoting crop’s absorption of nutrition and water, especially absorption of phosphorus.

(4)Increase of yield and improvement of crop quality. Some data show that the crop yield can increase by 30% - 50%.

According to information, there have been a lot of applications of Sega Yibao in Chinese agriculture, with many successful cases. After the use of Sega Yibao in watermelon seedling, the watermelon seedling grows well, root system is much developed without occurrence of wilt. After the application of Sega Yibao to strawberry in greenhouse, both the brix and yield have appeared much higher than that in the control group.

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