Measures to increase the export of fruits and veggies

02-12-2019    19:36   |    UZDaily

UZBEKISTAN - On 30 November, a meeting in the form of a video conference was held at the Ministry of Investments and Foreign Trade under the leadership of Minister Sardor Umurzakov to discuss promising measures to radically increase the export of fruits and vegetables.

Also present were the heads of the Ministry of Agriculture, the holding company Uzbekozikovkatholding, as well as the deputy heads of the regions and the Republic of Karakalpakstan on investment and foreign trade, as well as on agricultural issues.

During the meeting, the task set by the leadership of the country to introduce fundamentally new mechanisms for the production cooperation of farms with large exporting companies in the fruit and vegetable chain along the chain “procurement - purchase - storage and processing - export" was discussed, in particular, by creating specialized agro-industrial clusters.

Within the framework of the indicated guidelines, the relevance of applying innovative technologies aimed at increasing yields by carrying out agrotechnical measures and introducing new methods of plant treatment and pest control, organizing product storage in accordance with modern quality standards, and considering new processing methods with the aim of releasing popular products with high added value, as well as creating a sustainable transportation system to the final consumer I.

The importance of comprehensive support for entrepreneurs engaged in the field of horticulture, with the involvement of all involved state structures, departments and commercial banks for the comprehensive study of all existing issues and problems, was emphasized.

As a result of the meeting, specific measures were identified to improve cooperation in the fruit and vegetable sector with the creation of agro-industrial clusters, responsible managers were given targeted instructions, the implementation of which will create the basis for bringing the annual volume of fruits and vegetables exports to US$2.5 billion.

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