Horticulture program sets poinsettia sale

01-12-2019    21:57   |    OA Online

The U.S. - The Ector County ISD horticulture program will have poinsettias for sale this year, but they will be smaller and cost less than previous years. The sale starts at 8:30 a.m. Dec. 2 at the greenhouse, 104 S. Grandview Ave., and will end around Dec. 16, Horticulture Teacher Christina Butler said. There are about 1,000 poinsettia plants and they will cost about $3 each. Butler said they usually have more plants, but the demand doesn’t seem to be there as much.

The poinsettias will be available in red, variegated and probably pink. There also will be a glitter option. It will be spray glitter and the plants will come with foil on the bottom. It’s all free, she said.


Last year, the plants died because of greenhouse conditions and the poinsettias had to be purchased. This year, the plants are alive, but smaller so they will cost $3. But they were still grown by the students. “It’s all in the environment. It’s really what it is. They’re tricky,” Butler said of poinsettias. “You have to get the right soil. You have to get the right fertilizer, (the) right temperature, the right watering plan. If you water too much, they get stunted and they don’t grow. You water too (little) and they dry out and they die. Whereas spring plants, if you accidentally don’t water a couple of times, you water again and they perk right back up.”


For next year, Butler said the Horticulture Department will start having a fall sale. Butler said the fall sale will probably go right up until Thanksgiving and the spring sale will be at the normal time.

“We’re going to have fall mums. We’re going to fall plants because fall is a great time to plant. It really is. For the poinsettia sale, we’re still going to have maybe like 500 but they’re going to already be full grown. We’re not going to start them at a plug anymore. We’re going to get them full grown so we can focus more on a fall sale. Now we’ll have three sales. We’ll have a fall poinsettia that’s already full grown and then a spring plant sale.”


Butler said the greenhouse just doesn’t have the environment to grow poinsettias anymore.

“We’re hanging up fans during the summer just to keep them cool. It shouldn’t be like that. I think for the program to recoup its money and get our community back on track of what we have to offer, I think we’re going to offer the fall sale and still have a little poinsettia sale for … churches and things like that,” she said.


If the community wants to buy the poinsettias, as well, they can.


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Photo Credit: Mark Rogers, OA Online

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