Choosing The Best LED Grow Light For Winter Growing

11-11-2019    20:00   |    Gardening Know How

As we are all trying to winterize and put our gardens to bed, it’s time to consider growing indoors throughout the winter. LED lights can help your plants as the days darken earlier. One of the best LED grow lights for winter growing are SANSI LEDs. They have a variety of wattages combined with easy shopping and competitive prices. You can use these lights in a greenhouse, solarium, hydroponic system or just as a health boost for your indoor houseplants.

Why SANSI Grow Lights are Better for Plant Growth

Plants need a full color spectrum for proper growth. They get this naturally through sunlight, which is a blend of all the colors of the rainbow. When it comes to LED lights, the spectrum colors are referred to as wavelengths in order to be more specific. Because there are many hues of red, for instance, to simply say “red” doesn’t cover the entire range of red tones. Plants need wavelengths in both the blue and red spectrum, which drives photosynthesis. However, they also need other colors for various processes. That is why a full spectrum grow lights provides the best light for plants. SANSI lights are full spectrum, which leads to better growth, production, and health.

When you use SANSI lights indoors as greenhouse grow lights, hydroponic grow lights or simply for your favorite houseplants, you don’t get that horrible off color from other LED lights. That is because they have a superior color rendering index (CRI) as compared to other manufacturers. The resulting light is natural and not tinged purple, which can make it difficult to observe plant health. The full spectrum grow lights from SANSI also provide all the wavelengths in the color spectrum for better plant growth. The resulting light resembles actual sunlight, which is the optimum light for plants.

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