Succes of Greenhouse Business in Azerbaijan

17-10-2019    15:09   |    Richel Group

AZERBAIJAN-- Azerbaijani Horticulture Thrives, with Russian Consumers and French Technology. Oil and gas-rich Azerbaijan is emerging as a horticultural force to be reckoned with thanks to good investment opportunities for greenhouse growers, such as mild temperature in winters, high sun radiations, good export conditions to Russia and of course low energy costs.

The Baku-based Grow Group Azerbaijan started out purchasing small greenhouse bitunnel from Richel 4 years ago. Experimenting how to grow cucumbers and tomatoes under low structure (about 3.50m) and small scale (5000m²), they quickly understood that the key of success for this business is to have a high greenhouse for better climate control. Now this company is growing Baku tomatoes and large pink tomatoes under 6.5 ha of Richel 12.80m multispan, a 8.50m high greenhouse covered with double inflated film.

Additionally to their own production, Grow Group Azerbaijan is now also active in developing greenhouse business in Azerbaijan. Their activity includes the promotion of Richel Greenhouses, work as a Turnkey contractor for greenhouse projects, crop consulting and supply of consumable marketing and distribution to Russia.

“This year we’ll build 5.5 hectares and continue building next year,” said Rufat Mammadov, Grow Group Azerbaijan’s General Manager.

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Photo by David Sager on Unsplash

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