Winners of Horti Scholarship

17-10-2019    11:01   |    Greenhouse Mag

US/OHAIO- Recipients are enrolled in four-year universities, as well as post-secondary classes and received a combined $25,000 in scholarships.

Proven Winners' Horticulture Scholarship Program has recently recognized individuals in three distinct areas of study — plant breeding, growing and horticultural marketing — and awarded scholarships to those whose philosophies align with theirs.

After receiving over 100 applications, they’ve picked the 2019 scholarship recipients:

·       Innovations in Plant Breeding Scholarship: Andrej Svyantek, (North Dakota State University). He is “actively working to meet that demand while striving to create fruit, flowers and ground-covers that are morphologically unique and pleasing to the heart and soil.”

·       Grower Excellence Scholarship: Katelin Borden, (University of Florida). She claims that she wants to grow “new plants using advancements in propagation and tissue culture to nourish, beautify, heal, improve our world and educate the people in it.”

·       Innovations in Horticultural Marketing Scholarship: Renata Goossen, (Kansas State University). She said, “Even though horticulture is an old industry, it is also fast changing. Innovative and new products are necessary to compete in such a vast industry.”

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