Hibiscus is Out After 30 Years

10-10-2019    16:26   |    Hortipoint

October has started, but it still feels like summer outside. The days are still warm with temperatures above 20 °C. The differences in Canada are significant; Calgary already has snow and frost. Here it has rained almost weekly in the summer. The trees and grass are still green, our tall grass prairie has a golden glow. Because of the beautiful summer weather, we have a good harvest of apples. However, if it continues to rain, the leaves will fall brown from the trees instead of all the beautiful fall colors.

It is currently a little slow in the greenhouse. We are now preparing for the new year. This week a container with potting soil has arrived from the Netherlands with soil supplies for almost a year. There are also weekly treatment cycles to ensure that the Bromeliads are in bloom right after Christmas. We will also replace the plastic/ poly on the greenhouse this fall. We opt for 8 mm instead of 6 mm. 8 mm lasts for 7 years instead of 5-6 years. A team of 12 to 16 people removes the poly in one day and pulls two new layers on. Windless weather is a requirement to do this.

We have a slow period in October with the sale of Bromeliads. Ficus moves good. The sale of tropical foliage plants is experiencing a revival in Canada. We fill the space that gets empty with Ficus. Hibiscus is out of the cultivation program after 30 years. Reasons for this include that the supplier of unrooted cuttings transferred the sale to a commercial nursery that also grows Hibiscus in Florida. 

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