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Repsol showcases its initiatives in innovation and circular economy at K 2019.

·      The technological projects developed at Repsol have one sole purpose: innovating to design a better future on a cleaner planet.

·      Repsol will also present new products that incorporate recycled materials; novelties for the automotive sector; and its new range of polypropylene for 3D printing.

·      Repsol researches together with a network of worldwide scientists, universities, and companies, supporting new projects with funding and technical guidance to promote technological innovation in a global world.


Repsol will be present at K 2019, the leading international plastic and rubber trade fair,

taking place from 16 to 23 October, in Dusseldorf. At its stand (FG04.3), located next to Hall 4, the company will display its commitment to innovation and sustainability. Repsol will showcase its latest initiatives and innovations, focusing on those aimed at shaping a cleaner world, as proof of its firm dedication to research as a means to remove plastic waste from landfills.

Committed to sustainability, Repsol works on multiple projects to boost the new Circular Economy model by promoting a large amount of plastic waste, that currently goes to landfill, transforming it into new raw materials for their petrochemical processes.

Repsol's Reciclex project boosts the company’s commitment towards a circular economy, reinforcing the pledge it acquired when joining the European Commission's "Circular Plastics Alliance" (CPA), aimed at increasing the total volume of recycled plastic in the EU market to 10 million metric tons by 2025. This project involves agreements with different members of the value chain to guarantee the supply of homogeneous materials; enabling to incorporate recycled plastic into applications with high technical requirements, such as non-woven fabrics, bundle shrink films or automotive parts.

Furthermore, Repsol has been working, for quite some time, together with various

companies, on different products and with several technologies to take advantage of

synthetic oils, obtained from the chemical recycling of plastic waste streams not recyclable in the traditional mechanical way. As a result, in 2015 the Zero project, enable Repsol to experimentally feed pyrolysis oil in his Puertollano complex, pioneering the industrial use of products from plastic's chemical recycling. This technology allows Repsol to offer its customers “plastic to plastic” sourced polymers, with properties equivalent to virgin polymers, as a circular economy based solution to the problem of plastic waste to landfill, to close its life cycle.

Repsol also joined, in 2015, the “Operation Clean Sweep®” (OCS) program led in Europe by PlasticsEurope. This international program aims at preventing plastic pellets loss and helping keep this material out of the marine environment. Since then, the company has designed complete operational and investment action plans, requiring over two million euros, aside from specific actions for their value chain.

Repsol similarly partakes in other initiatives, which are committed to achieving a cleaner

planet, such as the PlasticsEurope “Plastics 2030” Voluntary Commitment, aimed at increasing the circularity and efficiency of resources.

Besides, Repsol is working on developing new sustainable and efficient materials such as modified polymers for the different 3D printing technologies. These new materials will open up a new manufacturing alternative for many sectors, promoting the transition from scale economies and geographically concentrated production to on-demand manufacturing at the destination.

Repsol will showcase these and further product developments and innovative solutions at its stand (FG04.3), located next to Hall 4, during the next K 2019 trade fair in Dusseldorf.

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