Buildings or Containers with Artificial Lights?

08-10-2019    22:00   |    Ag Funder News

The first thing to note is that we include greenhouses in the discussion as an indoor growing approach. At times, the conversation seems to be just limited to growing in buildings or containers with artificial lights, what we call “Sunless” or others broadly refer to as indoor, vertical, or urban farming.

Secondly, while there has been a great deal of activity around cannabis and alternative proteins such as insects, for the purpose of this landscape we kept to traditional food crop production.

The map focuses on the technology used in that production, from seeding to immediate post-harvest activities. We segment the landscape into the specific categories of component technologies, different types of growing systems and growers.

We took a slightly different tack for a technology landscape by including actual growers. Many of them are taking innovative approaches to developing, integrating and utilizing technology, so we thought they should be reflected as part of this tech landscape environment.

How has the indoor agtech industry changed in the last year?

Are there gaps in indoor agtech innovation?

How does indoor agtech innovation differ by geography?

What are the key challenges for the indoor agtech industry in your opinion?

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