Horticulture Earnings Sky High

07-10-2019    20:50   |    Business Daily Africa

Horticulture earnings hit Sh153 billion last year making it the third foreign exchange earner after diaspora remittances (Sh272 billion) and tourism (Sh157 billion).

The earnings in the review period grew by 33 per cent from Sh115 billion in the previous year on account of high demand and good international prices.

Flowers made the bulk of the earnings, bringing in Sh113 billion, with vegetables at Sh27 billion and fruits raking in Sh12 billion.

The industry defied challenges resulting from delays in supply of fertiliser to make the impressive performance.

Kenya Flower Council (KFC) chief executive Clement Tulezi said the performance shows the country’s potential.

“The industry overcame many challenges such as high energy costs and trade and phytosanitary restrictions in several potential markets,” he said.

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FILE PHOTO | NMG, Kenya Flower Council (KFC) chief executive Clement Tulezi.

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