Double horti space in Chicago

04-10-2019    16:10   |    Tribpub

Joseph and Dora Clifford have lived in the same house on Campbell Street, just north of Vale Park Road, for 66 years. Behind them, for 60 years, until they retired in 2014, once sat Clifford Stone and Material.

Now that property, minus their family home, belongs to the Valparaiso Parks and Recreation Department for its new horticulture center and a dog park, which officials expect to open later this year.

The Cliffords, along with daughter Deborah Morrisroe and son Gilbert Clifford, attended an open house for the property’s new use Sept. 26 and marveled at the changes and memories of life on that land.

 “They did a nice job. They painted my old buildings,” said Joseph Clifford, while his wife noted how all the stone dust was cleaned up.

The family mused over the fishing pier they built for Silver Lake, the spring-fed lake on the property, how Joseph Clifford used dynamite to make it deeper, and using it for ice skating in the winter.

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Photo credit: Amy Lavalley / Post-Tribune

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