UK tomato grower set for huge expansion

19-08-2019    01:30   |    Phil Winter/Business Live

One of UK’s biggest tomato growers is preparing for a multi-million pound expansion of its East Yorkshire facility.

Mill Nurseries, in Keyingham, supplies over 100 million tomatoes every year to leading supermarkets including Morrisons, Lidl, the Co-op and Waitrose.

It is UK’s fifth biggest greenhouse grower, and increased orders from the Co-op has now led to Mill Nurseries planning an expansion of its 24-acre site in Holderness.

Hermanus de Lang, whose dad Gerrit started the family business, said: “Dad was a first-generation grower but spotted an opportunity to do in the UK what had been done in Holland for many years. 

“He arrived in the UK with nothing in his pockets, no possessions or even a suitcase and not even able to speak the language. 

“He started to build the business through sheer grit and determination, and just not being prepared to take ‘no’ for an answer. We’re extremely proud of what he achieved.”

The successful family business, established in 1962, is already East Yorkshire’s biggest grower.

The latest build project, which will add eight more acres of glasshouses to its current 24-acre site, has been fuelled by increased Cooperative orders and is commencing this month, with completion planned for this November.

Hull-based electrical specialist Pearson Electrical will be supporting Mill Nurseries with the greenhouse installation. The company has worked as Mill Nurseries’ electrical installation partner for the past 20 years,

Mill Nurseries now employs over 100 people, and is run by Hermanus de Lang and his two brothers and sister.

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Photo credit: Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain.

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