Netherlands: Montis automates again with WPS

13-08-2019    01:00   |    WPS

Being raised in a growers family and dealing with a variety of crops, Nico and his wife Elly started their own greenhouse operation, Montis,  in 1987.In 2011 their son Niels came into the family business and they acquired the Oogstpad location. At the now 2 locations, Montis Moerkapelle BV and Montis Zuidplas BV ,the team grows a variety of crops. At the Montis Moerkapelle location they primarily grow Calathea Crocata, Campanula Addenda, Portulacca and Helleborus Niger ‘Christmas Carol’®. While at the Montis Zuidplas location they grow a more seasonal mix like; Campanula ‘Addenda’®, Ranunculus, Aster, Helleborus Niger ‘Christmas Carol’® and Oriëntalis ‘Vive Victoria’

In 2017 they expanded the greenhouses at the Oogstpad location by acquiring Oogstpad 12. This location was optimized for the propagation of Helleborus. Earlier this year Montis further expanded by acquiring Van Hasseltweg 13 in Moerkapelle.


In the early 2000’s Montis had the first WPS system installed. Over the years they have added several WPS solutions at their multiple locations for automating their crop handlings. For their newly acquired Van Hasseltweg location, Montis again has chosen for WPS. The WPS SmartFlo system will automate moving and spacing plants in the greenhouse. The system further will be installed with a WPS SmartScan and a sorting and shipping buffer section, which preselect plants for shipping orders. Which in turn will make preparing shipping orders more efficient.

Photo credit: WPS

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