New patent filed for treating cut flowers

08-08-2019    01:45   |    HortiBiz

OptiFreeze AB has submitted a patent application, on a method for treating cut flowers on the 23rd of July 2019. The application concerns a method extending the life expectancy of plant materials, specifically in cut flowers. The method has been developed during 2019 and has an impact on increasing the life time of cut flowers while standing in the vase.

The purpose of the patent application is to protect the method developed by OptiFreeze, to prevent companies from copying their method, to secure their unique know-how and to strengthen their position in the OptiFlower segment. The potential of using their technology in the OptiFlower segment is as earlier communicated very attractive. This application creates the basis for a fifth patent family in the company’s patent portfolio around the OptiFreeze technology and method. The patent application has been filed in Sweden as a first filing but is intended to be filed in other countries via a PCT application within the coming year.

Photo credit: OptiFreeze

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