Netherlands: WPS mobile POS for Kooij Nertera

18-07-2019    01:30   |    HortiBiz

Dutch grower Kooij Nertera has implemented a new WPS Plant Order System (POS). One remarkable feature is that the various components (plant feed, camera unit and buffer) can be moved, so that space can be freed up when needed. The underlying principle for the mobile POS is that it provides flexibility and convenience in particular and reduces hard labor for employees.

Kooij Nertera from Ens grows Nertera Granadenis. Kooij Nertera Natural is the only producer of Nertera Granadensis Astrid® worldwide. Growing the plant to produce berries is a unique process. They grow this special plant in various colors and pot sizes. Pot size 8 was first extensively tested by WPS to see if it could be processed by the system. 

The POS evaluates and sorts the plant:

- Height
- Flowering phase (number of colored buds compared to green leaves), 
- Plant diameter

Henk Kooij, owner, explains his choice: "We were looking for a system that would ease the work for us in preparing our plants for auction and would bring more peace in the delivery process.
Normally we were used to picking up and sorting in the greenhouse directly from the concrete floors. Now we bring the plants to the system and sort them, and make a stock of sorted plants so that we can quickly pick orders that come in during the day from this buffer. So better working conditions, peace of mind in the delivery process and accurate sorting, all thanks to the WPS mobile plant order system. That was delivered satisfactorily by WPS according to the agreement."

Jan Moekestorm, WPS project leader: "We are pleased and proud that we were able to realize this wonderful project for Kooij Nertera and that the cooperation went so well. We wish Kooij Nertera lots of fun and ease of use with our system and we hope to be of service to them again in the future."

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