Kazakhstan: New varieties of greenhouse vegs developed

11-07-2019    01:15   |    Agroberichten Buitenland

The Kazakh Research Institute for Horticulture showed varieties of Kazakhstan breeding, bred by scientists of the Research Institute. Including varieties of cucumbers and tomatoes, intended for growing in greenhouses, Kazakh Zerno reports.

“Kazakhstan does not have its own varieties specifically for greenhouses. These are the first breeding works, this year they are performing well in the greenhouse. Our goal is to provide the whole of Kazakhstan with scientific support. We want the country to be independent from imports, to have its own varieties, technology. We need to develop our own agriculture,” the main scientific secretary of the Kazakh Institute of Horticulture Balnur Kabylbekova explained.

Another advantage of Kazakhstan varieties is the relative cheapness compared to planting materials brought from abroad. According to her, in some cases, prices for imported seeds are 10 times higher than their Kazakhstan counterparts. The Kazakh Research Institute of Horticulture provides farmers with seed materials of vegetable crops, as well as planting material for potatoes.

Photo credit: Max Pixel, CC0 Public Domain.

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