The benefits of greenhouse roll-up sides

11-07-2019    01:30   |    Rimol Greenhouse Systems

Plant care is a constant cycle of monitoring and reacting. Overly dry soil? Adjust watering levels. Signs of scorching? Reduce the amount of direct sunlight. Excessive heat and humidity? Find a way to ventilate the greenhouse. For many growers and garden centers, accomplishing the latter is a process easier said than done.

However, establishing an effective ventilation method for your grow operation is vital. Especially during the hottest, stickiest summer days, proper ventilation means that you’re taking all precautions to prevent outbreaks of mold and disease inside your greenhouse and providing your plants with the fresh air they need to thrive.

Reacting efficiently often means acting as quickly as possible. Incorporating roll-up siding into your greenhouse - and into your plant care routine - can allow for better care of your plants and less strain on you. Here’s a look into how roll-up sides can help ventilate your greenhouse, and how automating them can make the process even easier!


Ensuring your greenhouse has an adequate ventilation set-up is a key facet of maintaining a healthy grow operation. In its absence, a variety of harsh side effects could be unleashed and lead to a poor harvest.

As noted previously, excessive heat and humidity are huge risks associated with a lack of ventilation. Though tomatoes, peppers, peas, and avocados prefer an insulation of heat, other plants might suffer heat stress or become more likely to harbor disease in a toasty environment. Similarly, some crops can thrive in humid areas, though too much moisture can lead to outbreaks of mold or botrytis in your greenhouse.

As a contributor to levels of condensation build-up, humidity could also provide pathogens with an easier route to travel from plant to plant. Without a clear exit strategy for the hot, moist air that takes over your greenhouse, your plants could wilt, grow spores of mold, and bear other symptoms that are difficult to recover from.

Keeping your plants from fresh air also cuts them off from a crucial resource and one of their most basic needs: CO2. Immediate access to fresh air means that plants can benefit from a healthy influx of carbon dioxide and breathe easily.


To accommodate for abrupt changes in temperature, humidity, and condensation, equipping your greenhouse with roll-up sides is an excellent way to promote passive ventilation and provide you with another means of maintaining ideal indoor conditions.

Growers interested in installing roll-up sides or side wall curtains have an option of manual or motorized apparatuses. Both types of roll-up sides will allow heat and humidity an escape route and ensure plants have ample access to fresh air. However, an automated system includes features that allow growers to truly make the most of their roll-up sides, benefits that manual hand cranks cannot offer.

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