Royal FloraHolland signs ICSR covenant

10-07-2019    01:15   |    Royal FloraHolland

On 2 July 2019, Steven van Schilfgaarde signed the International Corporate Social Responsibility (ICSR) covenant for the floriculture industry on behalf of Royal FloraHolland.

Other signatories were the ministers Schouten and Kaag, as well as various parties from the sector and also FNV and Hivos. The goal is to generate greater responsibility in the international production and trade of ornamental plants.


Steven: "Royal FloraHolland endorses the objectives as set out in the covenant. We are taking a step forward through cooperation. Sustainability creates opportunities for our industry, our growers and our marketplace. We are discussing this intensively with our members, both in the Netherlands and abroad. The demand for sustainably grown flowers and plants with transparent and reliable product information is increasing rapidly. Many growers are already responding to this trend. We support growers in this wherever necessary."


Dutch broadcasting corporation NOS reported on the signing of the covenant. Unfortunately, the article on the NOS website gives an incorrect impression of the intention of the covenant. Signing the covenant is in no way an acknowledgement that there is something wrong with the cultivation of flowers in Africa. The Dutch trade parties are cooperating in the context of the covenant to identify any incidents in good time and to help with improvements where necessary. A report that included an interview with Stefanie Miltenburg, Sustainability Program Manager at Royal FloraHolland,  was also broadcast. This report presented a more balanced picture.

Photo credit: Royal FloraHolland

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