World Horti Center has an oxygen-rich meeting room

10-07-2019    02:30   |    World Horti Center

World Horti Center always seeks to innovate, including when it comes to meetings. For example by adding plants to a meeting room. And then not just two, five or ten plants, but 1100 plants in one go! All with maximum air-purifying properties, naturally. A unique meeting room has been created in collaboration with Nature’s Green, Air So Pure and Plant Totaal by installing a NextGen Living Wall which is 3 metres high and 8 metres wide. This room, which is now officially called the Nature’s Green Arena, was launched on Thursday 27 June by Mark Zwinkels (World Horti Center), Robert van Aerts (Nature’s Green), Marco van Leeuwen (Air So Pure) and Mart Zwinkels (Plant Totaal).


The Nature’s Green Arena can be found in a central location in World Horti Center in a greenhouse which is a striking 11 metres high. With plenty of daylight and a wall filled with living plants, it all goes to provide an extra shot of oxygen and energy in this room. Ideal for seminars, meetings, scrum sessions, working lunches or private dinners.


In addition to serving as a meeting room, the Nature’s Green Arena will also act as a showcase for indoor landscapers and the initiators’ clients. World Horti Center will thereby show how plants can be used to make meeting rooms, offices and living spaces healthier, more attractive and above all greener.


The Nature’s Green Arena will also serve as a teaching resource from the students on the Flower & Design course at Lentiz/MBO Westland. The initiators behind the NextGen Living Wall will also be providing workshops in interior landscaping to the students next year. The school will include these classes in the curriculum.

In other words, the inspirational and oxygen-rich Nature’s Green Arena brings together education and business at World Horti Center with the innovative and sustainable use of plants.

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