Pro Manager Mastercourse Floriculture 2019 webinars

09-07-2019    03:30   |    HortiBiz

On July 11 Jungle Talks is organizing two informative webinars on the upcoming Pro Manager Mastercourse Floriculture. This Mastercourse, now going for its second edition, is an intensive, two-week course that aims to bring together international professionals from the field of floriculture and match them with leading companies in the Netherlands. The future and “how to be future proof?” are the main themes during this course. Participants will visit renowned floricultural suppliers and producers, but also engage in interactive workshops and seminars discussing autonomous production, artificial intelligence, automation, management practices and the future of the floricultural chain.

This course will coincide with the IFTF and Aalsmeer Trade Fair and will be organized from October 28 until November 10, 2019.

More information about the draft program of this Mastercourse can be found here:

Registration is now open and interested candidates will be part of a selection procedure. There’s room for a maximum of 15 participants between 25-40 years old.  If you’d like to fill out a registration form, you can download it here:

During the webinar on July Jungle Talks will zoom in on the program and explain the selection procedure in more detail.

Interested to know more? The first session takes place at 12.00 hrs CST and you can register here:

The second webinar is planned for 19.30 hrs CST and you can sign up here:

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