The impact of the Dutch climate screens from Ridder

13-06-2019    02:30   |    Ridder

An increasing number of Dutch greenhouse growers and installers are reaping the benefits of the climate screens from Ridder. The advantages of having a local developer and manufacturer of greenhouse climate screens in the Dutch Westland has so far resulted in more than 1,500 hectares of screens and curtains being installed in the Netherlands.


Energy-saving screens, light-diffusing screens, sun-shading screens, light-restriction screens, blackout screens; with its comprehensive range of screening solutions (with more than 45 types of climate screens), large stock availability and short delivery times, Ridder has become a popular climate screens supplier among both growers and installers.


The industry also recognizes Ridder’s unique service and innovative approach; this year the climate screens from Ridder have been rewarded with a nomination for the prestigious GreenTech Impact Award. Along with the milestone of installing over 1,500 hectares of screens in the Netherlands, Ridder could not be more pleased with this outstanding recognition.

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Photo credit: Ridder

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