Valoya launches a re-branded image

12-06-2019    01:00   |    Valoya

Since 2009 Valoya has been committed to discovering and bringing to the market finely balanced LED light spectra that feed the plants with just the information they need and thus help growers reach their cultivation targets efficiently. The first ones to see the value in Valoya’s offering were researchers from universities, research institutes and the world’s largest AG companies due to the quality of the spectra. Over time, Valoya’s offering and customer base have grown and nowadays Valoya equips growth chambers and rooms, greenhouses and vertical farms with its LEDs. Hundreds of growers in more than 50 countries grow better with Valoya lights.

After 10 years of operations Valoya announces the launch of a re-branded image, created to celebrate this milestone and to re-enforce the position of a quality leader of the LED grow lights industry.

“As one of the pioneers of this industry, we remain committed to creating LED solutions of high, uncompromised quality. Everything we bring to the market is a result of thorough plant biology research and proprietary, patent protected technology. Some growers need plant biomass, some need control over the flowering process and some need a particular chemical profile of the plant. After having studied more than 200 plant species / varieties in the past decade, both ourselves and in collaboration with our partners, we are confident when we recommend any one of our LED solutions to our customers” comments Nemanja Rodic, the Marketing Director of Valoya.

Meet Valoya at GreenTech (booth #08.217) to learn about the new brand image.

Click here to read the full press release.

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