Flowerboost: “We believe in a sustainable future”

15-05-2019    01:15   |    Royal FloraHolland

Son Joost and daughter-in-law Brigitte took over the business from Joost’s parents in 2003. The company in Noordwijkerhout (Netherlands) is approximately 10 hectares in size. It produces narcissi and hyacinths as well as cut gladioli in summer. “We want to supply products that make the buyer happy.”

Working hard every day, enjoying yourself and truly caring for your product and your employees. That is what entrepreneurship is all about, according to Flowerboost. Brigitte: "We are a closely knit team with permanent employees, casual and temporary workers and students. We do not want our employees to look up to us because we need one another."


Entrepreneurs are faced with all kinds of developments. How does Flowerboost respond to that? Joost: "You just have to go with the flow. For example, exporters require certification. If you don't comply, you're out. We are MPS-GAP certified for this reason, but also because sustainability is important to us. For instance, we have been using solar panels for about a year and a half now." During the Trade Fair Aalsmeer, Flowerboost is often asked questions by customers that persuade them to take action. "Is the pot made of recycled material? Is the label biodegradable? These are the kinds of questions that keep us busy," explains Joost. "It is not always easy but we do want to be more environmentally friendly. Not just to jump on the bandwagon, but because we truly believe in a sustainable future."


Ambition is one of the core values of the company. "We want to supply high-quality products that make the buyers happy," enthuses Brigitte. "And we want to be different from everyone else. In order to distinguish ourselves from other gladioli growers we grow a shorter variety, which we gave the brand name MiDi OLÁ last season." Joost: "This is how we continue to develop. You can't afford to stand still in this sector." Flowerboost is a true family business. The next generation is already chomping at the bit to get started. Brigitte: "We have four children aged eight to fifteen. Our fifteen-year-old son would love to work at our company, today rather than tomorrow. He discusses the company with his dad on a regular basis, but he does have to finish school first."

For more information, visit http://flowerboost.nl/

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