Rose exhibition promotes Dutch flower export (PL)

13-05-2019    02:30   |    HortiBiz

11-13 of May in Kubicki Arcades of the Royal Castle in Warsaw, Poland, visitors will admire over 100 varieties of cut roses during the Rose Exhibition organized by the Embassy of the Netherlands. The roses shown during the event come mainly from the Netherlands but there are also flowers from Poland or from Ethiopia or Kenia.

As the Netherlands is the most important player in the world of flowers and plants (around 80% of flowers and plants in Poland are supplied from the Netherlands) and the market demand for flowers is strongly growing due to economic growth, it has also resulted in a substantial growth in Dutch exports of flowers and plants in the past years. While the total export of flowers and plants was € 154 million in 2014, the sales of Dutch flowers and plants increased to € 245 million and always recorded a positive export balance. Poland is now one of the most important export destinations for Dutch flowers and plants, with still developing exports.

The exhibition is aimed to be a promotional tool that will eventually increase the consumer demand and therefore sales of cut roses in Poland. The public who attend the exhibition should be delighted with flowers and arrangements and therefore motivated to demand more sophisticated and modern arrangements where roses would be used. One rose variety will be leading the exhibition: the Avalanche+ rose is the Queen of the Exhibition.

Click here for more information about the event (in Polish).

Photo credit: SIGMA International (Poland)

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