Worldwide attention for the FlowerTrials

From 13 to 16 June, no less than 59 breeding companies in the Westland (NL), Aalsmeer (NL) and Rheinland Westfalen (DE) area will open the doors to show their latest assortment in pot and bedding plants to growers, exporters and buyers from across the world. 

A world of innovations gathered in three regions

Where the FlowerTrials originally started out with Dutch and German pot and bedding plant breeders showing their assortment in the Aalsmeer and Westland area of The Netherlands and Rheinland Westphalen in Germany, now companies from Europe and beyond search for a presence in these three regions during week 24. Exhibitors come from nine countries, including Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, Japan, The Netherlands, the U.K and the U.S.A.

One of the U.K. exhibitors comments: “The FlowerTrials is one of the most important moments in the season where we show our latest innovations to growers, wholesalers and retailers from across the world. The international scope of visitors to the week 24 event is certainly one of the reasons why we choose to take part.”

Planning your itinerary

The increasing success of the FlowerTrials brings new challenges. The number of exhibiters and locations grows every year so careful planning becomes key! To help visitors make the very most out of the event, FlowerTrials has designed a brand-new route planner that defines the shortest itinerary and calculates the travel time between locations. It can either be used upfront when deciding which exhibitors to visit, or in week 24 itself to facilitate the journey in between locations. Simply tick the locations, define a start and finish point and the planner does the rest. The route planner can be found on the FlowerTrials website: https://www.flowertrials.com/en/route-planner

05/19/2017 - FloraCulture International

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