US: New clean-stock greenhouse opened

Skagit Horticulture, located in Mabton (Washington, United States), announces the opening of a new, clean-stock greenhouse to complement the large-scale production of select agricultural plant starts launched last year.

The new greenhouse is key in producing high volumes of virus-free transplants to serve the needs of hop growers, vineyard operators and orchardists. Using a small group of stock obtained from the National Clean Plant Network, the company produces tissue culture to create a foundation stock block that will be used for softwood cuttings. This mother block will be isolated into the clean-stock greenhouse where restricted access and strict sanitation practices are part of the company’s rigorous production protocols. Insect screening ensures no pest pressure in the greenhouse, which reduces need for chemical applications, as well as eliminating virus vectors.

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Photo credit: Skagit Horticulture

02/11/2019 - Skagit Horticulture

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