Timotion now available to all growers

Timotion is a beautiful cocktail tomato of De Ruiter, which has been marketed exclusively in the past years under the name of Red Pearl. Timotion became a reliable and tasteful variety that is now available to all growers.


De Ruiter expects the interest for Timotion will increase in the coming season, especially because the variety was the first cocktail tomato in the tomato test of De Volkskrant, a renowned newspaper in The Netherlands. Timotion finished third, but number one and two were taken by cherry truss tomatoes. This number 1 position is more than deserved, since Timotion has a mild sweet taste with a Brix between five and seven. In addition, the tomatoes look very attractive, with a fair red colour, and firm fruits with a crispy bite. Both retailers and consumers appreciate Timotion's good shelf life.


With a fruit weight between 35 and 50 grams, Timotion is an ideal cocktail for growers, even more so because this variety does so well under artificial lights. In lit crops, this variety offers an excellent production potential and year round delivery is possible. Timotion has uniform trusses, strong green parts and is less susceptible to micro cracking.


On Wednesday 6 September, De Ruiter organizes an open day at the Tomato Experience Center in 's-Gravenzande. People who are interested can watch Timotion live and view all data about its performance in cultivation. You are welcome to the Strandweg 19, 2691 KE in 's-Gravenzande on September 6th from 13.00 to 17.00 hrs.


During the aforementioned open day De Ruiter will say goodbye to the Tomato Experience Center. From 2018, De Ruiter opens a new demo in Bleiswijk (The Netherlands), where a part of the glasshouse will be equipped with artificial lights. The new demo will have a different name: De Ruiter Tomato Experience. On the Dutch website from De Ruiter, you can see some images of the glasshouse being built.


De Ruiter provides seeds for greenhouse cultivation of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and eggplants and rootstock. De Ruiter helps growers of heated, protected vegetables in delivering the best products on the market. For more information visit www.deruiterseeds.com

08/11/2017 - De Ruiter

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