NL: Clock Presale exceeds 2016 figures

Online purchasing of flowers and plants via FloraMondo continues to increase in popularity. Last week the cumulative turnover of Clock Presale in 2017 surpassed the final figures for 2016. More and more buyers and growers are using Clock Presale via the digital transaction platform FloraMondo.

Last week Clock Presale passed the turnover limit of €45 million. That is as much as the cumulative turnover for all of 2016. It is estimated that the turnover of Clock Presale this year will reach €80 million.


The growth in turnover is due primarily to the rising numbers of growers and buyers making use of Clock Presale. In 2017 almost half of all our growers are using Clock Presale, and about a quarter of the buyers. This means the number of growers doing business via Clock Presale has increased by 48 percent compared with 2016. Among buyers, the increase is almost 60 percent!

The rise in turnover and the number of users is reflected in the share of Clock Presale compared with the clock turnover. It amounted to 4.3 percent last week, a new record.


The increasing number of participating growers is primarily due to the fact that they can set the sales price at Clock Presale. In addition, neither growers nor buyers have increased logistic expenses for small orders over the regular clock distribution.

For buyers, Clock Presale is a welcome addition to the existing market instruments as it allows small-scale purchases of the clock supply. The benefit is that products can be purchased that the buyer really needs. That means no purchasing stress at the auction. And buyers limit their stock risk with Clock Presale. It's an ideal solution for both big and small buyers with small-scale orders who want to be sure that they will receive their products after the auction.

08/10/2017 - Royal FloraHolland

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