New LED tube for vertical farms

Vertical farming is still on the rise globally and with it the need for grow lights which produce minimal heat and can be positioned close to the plants. For vertical farming to be profitable, plants need to go from seed to supermarket shelves in ever decreasing time spans, while savings must be made at every turn. Next to infrastructural investments at the beginning, electricity and temperature regulation are some of the major costs for vertical farmers.

Typically, standard T8 tubes or similar light fixtures are used in vertical farms as they occupy little space, consume little energy while delivering enough µmols/m2/s to the plant for its rapid growth. Valoya, the Finnish LED grow lights manufacturer has been providing world’s top research institutes, universities and agricultural companies with LED grow lights, and now vertical farmers are increasingly opting for Valoya’s solutions due to the research grade light quality.

Vertical farms such as Growing Underground (United Kingdom) and Agricool (France) are using Valoya’s L-Series lights (T8 tubes) to successfully cultivate and bring to market various leafy greens, strawberries and other cultures, in rapid growth cycles. Now, the L series range has been complemented with a product named L40, which extends the current offering in terms of both power and length.

The new L40 tube is 1800mm (6ft) long with a 40W power consumption. It is a heavy duty fixture, longest from its series and a great option for vertical farmers looking for a high intensity light solution. Having the dimensions of standardised T8 tubes enables all L-Series lamps to be used, if desired, purely for retrofit purposes. The L-Series utilizes the latest LED technology to provide eco-friendly advantages such as lower power consumption, cooler operation and extended, maintenance free lifetime of at least 50000 hours. Lamps used in vertical farms are exposed to dust, humidity or even water getting directly on them. This is why all L-Series lamps are rated up to IP67 through the use of available accessories, meaning they are completely dust-proof and resistant to getting wet or even submerged under water, up to 1m depth. The L-Series tubes are available with all of Valoya’s wide spectra that have been proven through extensive large scale research to increase plant quality and yield while at the same time delivering energy savings and a short return on investment.

For more information, go to www.valoya.com

02/27/2017 - Valoya

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