ITA: Geothermal heat supply agrmt. extended

Enel Green Power has extended a geothermal heat supply agreement to large floriculture company dell'Amiata of Floramiata in Tuscany, Italy. This is part of further emphasis on geothermal heat, e.g. for a new geothermal district heating system in Piancastagnaio.

Earlier this week, Enel Green Power’s Geothermal Manager Luigi Parisi and the Managing Director of Floramiata Marco Cappellini have signed an important addendum to a heating supply agreement by Enel Green Power to the large floriculture company dell’Amiata.

The new agreement, which was also signed by the mayor of Piancastagnaio Luigi Vagaggini, expands a current agreement on the delivery of 150,000 MWh thermal per year at advantageous prices (about 10 times less than the cost of fossil fuels) with an additional 25,000 MWh thermal annually under the same conditions  for a total of 175,000 MWh thermal annually. This will allow Floramiata to pursue its policy of development and growth in terms of production and employment undertaken with the new course of the last few years. The signing of the new agreement also included Massimo Montemaggi and Emiliano Maratea for Enel and the director of Floramiata Enrico Barcella .

Floramiata, with more than 27 hectares of heated greenhouses, is one of the largest complexes in Europe with more than 100 employees, in addition to constantly growing seasonal staff, will thus be able to expand and improve its production capacity.

Overall, the heating of the Floramiata greenhouses through geothermal heat allows a saving of about 50,000 tons per year of carbon dioxide .

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Photo credit: Floriamata

02/08/2019 - Aexander Richter/ThinkGeoEnergy

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