Innovative techniques for water use in crops

The aim of the Fertinnowa project is to provide farmers with the necessary knowledge and information on the management of water resources, which enable efficient and sustainable water consumption. This is particularly important in the era of diminishing reserves of water.

The project is supported by the World Water Day.

The project is involved in the Horticulture Institute in Skierniewice, the partner is also the centre for Agricultural consultancy in Brwinowie branch in Radom, Poland.

A “set of best practices and technologies” for the sustainable use of water has been developed in this project. This is a valuable resource for practical information on irrigation and fertigation (use of fertilisers with irrigation) . More than 125 technology descriptions are available.

It is a rich source of knowledge about the latest technologies that will affect the sustainable use of water in gardening practices. The developed set is the result of the consolidation of the thoughts and experiences of dozens of research and technology partners across the European Union, covering different cultivation systems.

For more information, visit http://www.fertinnowa.com

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

05/04/2018 - FERTINNOWA

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