‘Choosing experience and light expertise’

Flower nursery Scheers is one of the largest players in the Belgian market with 14 rose varieties and a surface of 38,000 m². The company was one of the first rose growers in Belgium to use LEDs and Wim Scheers does not regret this decision today.

Scheers specializes in roses, the majority of which are sold at the Euroveiling flower auction in Brussels.  In addition, the company sells their flowers to the general public. There is a rose vending machine at Scheers’ facilities, which is filled with fresh roses 24/7. People come here from all over the area.

Because Scheers grows high-quality roses, it is very important that the greenhouse does not get too hot.  In 2015 Wim chose to hang Philips GreenPower LED Toplighting between the SON-T lighting.

Wim Scheers: “The SON-T lighting generated too much heat in the greenhouse. I even had to turn off the SON-T lamps to make sure it did not get too hot.  When only the LEDs are on, 50% less heat is produced compared to the old system.  This allowed us to make better use of the heat generated by the CHP. Meanwhile, the heat in the greenhouse is well balanced.  With the LEDs I have the same light output. I can also turn on the lighting more hours per year thanks to the 'cool' advantages of the LED top lighting. The lighting is constant and the total production has just remained the same.”


Wim Scheers has been a Codema customer for years. “Codema offered the right solution for our heat problem, they have years of experience and expertise in this area. The cooperation with Codema went very well, we will soon build up 0.5 hectares, so we choose to use only SON-T.  We no longer need the LEDs to bring the heat down.”

Wim Scheers has a wise lesson for other growers: “If you invest in lighting, invest in generating electricity with CHP. In this way you keep the heat in the greenhouse constant and that results in a higher yield.”

05/16/2018 - HortiBiz

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