Blog: Delete the hassle, expand convenience

Smart purchasing, how do you achieve that? Customers’ expectations about order convenience at organizations are increasing. Growers also have this expectation, because nobody wants to waste time and energy. Moreover, multiple researches have shown that the importance of order convenience is increasing – maybe it’s even more important than price.

Companies, like Paypal, Booking.com and Coolblue, are pushing the customer’s expectations upwards. This ensures our priority: make ordering extremely easy for growers! Even the biggest internet illiterates have to effortlessly find their way around our online store on their desktop, tablet or smart phone. This is an important challenge and it’s easier said than done, but we are getting closer to the ultimate situation step by step.

Take for example the search of replacement parts for machines and installation: It turned out that growers often experience difficulties in finding the right parts. “There has to be an easier way”, was our thought. And we found one after a consultation with our developer. A few weeks later our Spare parts finder was born: a tool which helps you to find and order the right spare part in three steps at www.royalbrinkman.com. This is possible without calling a supplier, without the waste of hours and energy to find the right part, which results in no hassle!

We undertake various actions to meet the demands of our customers. We regularly invite focus groups to receive the latest opinions and ideas of growers. It is super effective and these sessions provide lots of energy. We also ask our growers to give input: who has the best idea for Royal Brinkman? And naturally, it is important to keep an eye on innovations of other shops. This shows that it’s very difficult to meet the demands of the customer, because every online store has a different approach. It’s up to us to discover what our customers want and to optimize the user experience of royalbrinkman.com into the slightest detail. Delete the hassle and expand the convenience!

This is a weblog written by Rob Helderman, E-commerce manager at Royal Brinkman and exclusively written for GroenteNetten and SierteeltNetten.

05/19/2017 - Hortibiz

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