Award-winning tech extends shelf life

InventHelp introduces "Food Freshness Card", a revolutionary product and invention that helps to keep food fresher longer.

The "Food Freshness Card" has been laboratory tested to increase the life of many fruits, vegetables and breads, while decreasing the nitrates or toxins in foods. The Food Freshness Card assists with enhancing the taste of many foods including wine, water, coffee, fruit, etc. It also helps to decrease the nitrates or toxins in food so that they retain their nutritional value. New patent-pending process utilizes Tesla technology with custom programmed nano crystals embedded in the hologram to assist in keeping food fresher.

To use, an individual simply places the 6-inch square laminated card in the refrigerator, in the bread box or under a fruit bowl. As long as the laminated hologram remains intact, the Food Freshness Card will last approximately 1 year and assist in keeping food fresher within a 4-foot radius of the card. In June 2016, the inventors exhibited the Food Freshness Card at INPEX, America's Largest Invention and New Product Exposition and were awarded the INPEX 2016 Grand Prix 1st Runner Up award.  

InventHelp is seeking marketers and distributors in the food, home and restaurant industries, and direct response industries. Food Freshness Card is available on www.inventhelpstore.com, a website of innovative new products by InventHelp's licensing and product marketing partner Intromark Incorporated. 

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11/14/2017 - InventHelp

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