AutoStix: The newest greenhouse technology

Visser developed a revolutionary system to automate the process of the sticking of cuttings: Autostix!

Ball & Visser Horti Systems are proud to announce their cooperation in the breakthrough greenhouse technology AutoStix. During the Visser Open Days, 12-16 June, Visser will launch the AutoStix program for the world market. 

Ball will be the exclusive owner of AutoStix in the US. The US wide trials have been very successful and very promising, with over 5 million cuttings automatically stuck at rooting stations. After Ball & Visser finalize all trials, the system will be an open source system, to build on a new industry standard. 

AutoStix provides many different advantages for the grower: a better consistency and uniformity with shipped cuttings, easier and more reliable counting, automatic transplanting, better uniformity and the option for buffering in the peak seasons.

Click here to watch the related video.

06/08/2017 - Visser Horti Systems

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