Four countries buy half of all the tomato prod.

In 2017, United States, Germany, Russia and France bought half of all the tomatoes exported in the world, according to data from COMTRADE (the Statistics Division of the United Nations Organization) prepared by Hortoinfo.

The largest buyer of tomato in the world was U.S. with 1.78 billion kilos (25.28%), followed by Germany with 721.81 million kilos (10.20%), Russia with 515.86 million kilos (7.29%) and France with 506.29 million kilos (7.15%).

Together, these four countries bought half of the tomatoes in the world, specifically 49.92%.

The fifth largest buyer of tomato was United Kingdom with 398.76 million kilos (5.63%), followed by the Netherlands with 235.78 million kilos (3.33%), Canada with 214.61 million kilos, Spain with 188.91 million kilos, Saudi Arabia with 170.57 million kilos and, closing the “Top 10”, Belarus with 168.15 million kilos.


In 2017, the total amount of money countries worldwide spent in buying tomato was 7.88 billion euros, the highest amount ever paid in the history for tomato imports.

In this regard, United States spent 2.01 billion euros at an average purchase price of 1.12 €/kilo, Germany spent 1.29 billion euros with the highest average price among the top 10 importers worldwide (1.79 €/kilo), Russia spent 494.6 million euros at an average price of 0.95 €/kilo, France spent 614.08 million euros at an average price of 1.21 €/kilo and United Kingdom spent 594.33 million euros at an average price of 1.49 €/kilo.


The main supplier of tomato to the United States is Mexico with 1.61 billion kilos, which accounts for 90.13% of the U.S. total tomato imports. United States also imported 165.38 million kilos of tomato from Canada.

Germany imported from the Netherlands more than half of the tomatoes it consumed, a total of 397.21 million kilos. The second main supplier of tomato to Germany was Spain with 179.85 million kilos, followed by Belgium with 54.53 million kilos.

Russia imported 157 million kilos of tomato from Azerbaijan, 109.02 million kilos from China and 107.51 million kilos from Morocco.

France imported 303.39 million kilos of tomato (59.92%) from Morocco,  111.05 million kilos from Spain and 30.38 million kilos from Belgium.

United Kingdom imported 176.22 million kilos of tomato from the Netherlands, 111.41 million kilos from Spain and 49.31 million kilos from Morocco.

*Edited and translated by Daltry Gárate based on information from Hortoinfo.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

10/11/2018 - HortiBiz

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