Wrapping paper with vegetable seeds

Wrapping paper with vegetable seeds

A Gloucestershire company has created Christmas wrapping paper that you can plant in your garden to grow vegetables. Dubbed 'Eden's paper', it is available in five 'flavours': carrot, tomato, broccoli, chilli and onion. Seeds are embedded between the layers of the paper, which is biodegradable.

Innovation agency BEAF created the paper to be entirely environmentally friendly. The wrapping paper is recycled, and uses no glue to hold its layers together. The seeds are held together between seven layers of tissue paper, which are compressed together and embossed with a layer of printed paper.

The designs on the printed paper use vegetable inks. Seeds are arranged in lines to make the paper easier to plant. Simply tear the paper into strips, plant in 1-2cm of damp soil or compost, and water for a week. Each sheet measures 45cm x 70cm and costs 5.

The project is currently being promoted on crowd-funding website Kickstarter. Anyone pledging a donation will receive wrapping paper as a reward. If the campaign hits its target of 25,000, the paper will be available to buy.

(Photo: Kickstarter)

10:54 - Thu 05/12/2013
Bron: Yahoo News

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